Saturday, March 28, 2009

we are hard core crafty

This weekend was made awesome by two visits to the emergency room in 24 hours. We're thinking we should be able to contest the second copay, because they sent us home, you know? And we already paid them their $50 that day! (though I recognize how super-blessed we are to have insurance that covers everything else)

Marian woke me up Friday (4 am) with a croupy, strangle-y cough and a bit of wheezing. When we pulled the pulse oximeter out from under the bed, her O2 sats were down, so, since we're still oh-so-careful post-transplant folks and worried about those lungs, we were off to Hershey Medical Center.

In the 4 hours we waited there, the wheezing was gone, her chest x-rays looked fine (except one fellow told us her heart was on the right side. Yup, it was a remarkable story of "here-we-came-in-for-a-cough but, actually, it-was-a-miracle, because we found out she had heart-flight-itis"...but then her attending showed her the x-ray was backwards. I was dubious.
Marian and I are the very prepared sort, so we had crafts to do. She packed her own bag, and it was fun to see what she chose: some model magic, a stack of tissue paper circles, a little blank book, colored pencils...I got the crocheted eggs idea from resurrection fern, my muse for all things nature crochet. I love how the pink egg is perfectly zigged. Just the ordinary peaches and cream cotton yarn. These are chicky stones, drawn by Marian, but I think Easter baskets will get other crochet-hidden treats this year, too.
Nathan won't play crafts with us, but he is awfully creative and if he had it all to do over again, would probably be an architect. Our new house is cutie, but the best neighborhood in our little borough doesn't match the modern aesthetic he covets. He's compensating by drawing the most-awesome playhouse plans. You're going to be impressed.Reuben had some fun with his sissy (who looks sick, doesn't she?).Mostly, the Goat Boys were bored, so they walked around a lot like this and made everyone without a cute baby jealous:And, hey, what a good chance to use an ER guerney sheet as a photo backdrop. Matches those eyes...Then the 104'F fever came around midnight, so Nathan took Marian back for some IV antibiotics. I stayed home this time because I was needed here:PS our friends: all is well. No more fever. Marian's just trying to catch up her sleep now. Nathan napped for an hour, then drove to Philly because it's the first race of the season!

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