Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heard of kickstarter.com?
Kind of like Kiva, but more first world. Which is good and bad.
Little capital campaigns that give you hey-I'm-a-helper cute rewards. My friend John used it to fund his self-published book last year. My only other backer effort so far.

It could definitely get addictive just browsing...
I just pledged in at the $15 backer level for Lille Huset: one extra little house and one bicycle (had to!). Brilliant and beautiful across the board.
I love them very much.

I would like to GET THEM ALL.
But should get a job first....

(PS: if you're interested, this particular campaign ends 4/22. If she gets her goal, it's a go--1/2 way there!--and she gets her $ and we get our swag, and if not, well, not.)


UPDATE: Goal met! But can still purchase kits at kickstarter rate for a limited time. I would, if I were you...