Saturday, March 28, 2009


Right now, our living room is black and red and white and dark woods and very nice for our Victorian house. But I'm thinking bright and sunny for my new little cottage.

MoMo's Wonderland collection for Moda fabrics is my favorite so far. Plus, this fabric (my favorite of the favorite bunch) is called "tweedle dum".I also like this couch, an affordable mid-century modern, that got a lot of blog buzz last year. From Macy's. The reviews say comfortable, stylish, pillows tend to flatten. Nathan thinks leather is always the best option. I think leather is too slippery and that it is not warm and sunny.


sallyavena said...

Did I miss the post about your houes? I knew you were looking, but when did you find one?

Anonymous said...

The goat is right, leather is definitely the best option with kids.