Friday, March 6, 2009


I spent an hour and a half in the pottery studio last night and it was so refreshing. I worked just a little bit this summer (the results on my shelf pictured above), but in a fit of birthday new beginnings have decided to try for a shop update (re-opening!) in time for Easter.

I cleaned (eek, they've missed me: it was a disaster) and just threw 4 mug bases, but came home so invigorated and cheerful. Hopefully cheerful enough that the husband noticed and will be eager to enable the continuing habit. Weirdly, my overarching feeling was just competence; it was great to have complete control of that little window of time and spend it doing something I'm skilled at. Which is not always true of the life with little ones I consciously chose but am so often daunted by.


Alyssa said...

It's always hard to schedule that time for myself - but a better mama is the result isn't it? Letting the kids see you doing what you love, that in itself is being a good mama. Hooray for your beautiful work!

mla said...

when can I order a mug?! my home has missed your creations? Excepting, of course, that we adore your baby-Rube creation--- he is so smiley and chubby. I really want to nuzzle into his cheeks! Sorry I missed your big day-but I'm thrilled that you were able to do such wonderful crafting. We pulled out your fairies to create our "welcome spring" montage. All you do makes our life sweeter- thanks!

Natalie Daines said...

you amaze me, Val.