Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more Philadelphia green

Marian and I treated ourselves to visits to Anthropologie and Art Star after her doctor appointment yesterday. Finding green there was much more fun (see that ribbon tied to Marian's ankle? Only because it slipped off her knee...she's engrossed in a dreams fortune-telling book, by the way. It was the treat choice, until I explained the possibilities of Art Star, our next visit, where she chose a cute set of illustrated recipe cards. Her first favorite recipe? Pumpkin pancakes, which almost count as eating vegetables).
I went to Anthropologie because I hear it mentioned so often, as in "Anthropologie! The beautiful store that takes all my money!" The Philadelphia Anthro was indeed extraordinarily beautiful, housed in a historic building and incorporating the original stained glass (just see that dome!) and spiral staircases. No green purchases for me. I did try on one blouse, but determined that I need to do a little more post-baby body work before I go clothes shopping again... What I wanted most was that typewriter--not for sale.The try-on did enable me to take today's gratuitous baby photograph, when we diapered on the floor of the changing room. Three people thought he was a girl yesterday in his neutral green, because he is so beautiful. In a very manly way, though, methinks.

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Hehehehe. That boy's going to be a heartbreaker.