Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm a bit behind on chronicling my recent hedgehog acquisitions. The first was knit for me by a friend, Holly (she of the baby hat fame) just because for some reason she is totally awesome to me. Sitting on the first book my sister Camie made for me and a bunch of pages that may someday be Reuben's baby book (keeping records elsewhere for eventual transfer).

Speaking of Camie and Reuben, my birthday gift from her was this hedgehog hat for the wee bairn. Guess who loves it? Everyone who sees it.


nyjlm said...

Oh the cuteness! that hat! that boy!
I need to get Marian's hedgie stamp out again, for a while I was putting it on anything I sent in the mail. Such fun.

Lisa said...

This is my favorite pic of Reuben yet (even though "happiness" was so beautiful). It is just too hilarious and adorable.