Monday, March 16, 2009


We love The Daring Book for Girls.
So when we had the confluence of Hannah-at-school showing up with (temporary) red streaks and Audrey quoting, "The Daring Book for Girls says, 'Dare to be different. Try dyeing your hair purple!' " (okay, so her quoting is better than mine. It's something like that; no time to find it still sleeps & I have another post planned!), I turned left instead of right off on the way home from school and we went to Sally's Beauty Supply.

Most un-Valerie like (I cut my hair once a year, say NO to highlights, don't wear makeup, don't...). Daddy was exceedingly surprised. I loved it because the girls did. Especially for Audrey, who is nervous for new things. I posted some blurry photos because of her perfect expressions: Dare I? I can't believe I did!Walking into school with them the next day was priceless.

The gratuitous baby shot: first teeth brushing. (The frame is blue & he's wearing blue, so totally fits the post topic, no?)


luminousquilts said...

FANTASTIC! Love it. Now to get the book for us. Maybe EJ and I need a little more daring in our outnumbered lives!

nweames said...

Love that! We need that book. I keep seeing and ALMOST buying it. Love Audrey's expression.

Anonymous said...

Audreys hair is soooo long! How beautiful!

nyjlm said...

love Audrey's expression as you apply the color!