Sunday, March 29, 2009

orla kiely for me!

One time, 10 years ago, I won $500 for trying Zion Bank's new online banking system (very novel then).

Blogland has lots of delicious giveaways. That I enter and don't win...BUT!

A couple of months ago, I won a Design Mom contest, from It was very very exciting to be skimming along and see

2) vfg, who said, "someday I'll win...for being here when there was a mere 100 commenters..."
You won the $150 gift certificate!

With the new baby and coupon codes that didn't work and other complications, my selection got delayed, but the sweet owner and I finally connected and for the delay she upgraded me and TA DA! this great new bag finally came on an outing with me today. I just noticed the color palette is really close to the sunny colors I loved in the cotton print from a couple of posts ago. And saw yesterday that it goes right along with some of the palette's in Pantone's 2010 color predictions. What a trend matcher I am...



"The need for healthier and more artisanal foods has grown from traditional farmers’ markets to greenmarkets. Found on country roads or urban lots, these visually appealing and tastetempting sites invite us to stop and sample a broader and more diverse selection of goods and goodies. From Tomato Puree and Beaujolais with the tang of Super Lemon or bite of Apple Green, to the more exotic flavors of Dijon, Paprika and Chutney, Greenmarket contains representational hues that entice and appeal to both the eyes and the taste buds."



"Inspired primarily by the continent of Africa with its vastness and complexities, Gatherings brings together a compilation of colors that demonstrate the uniqueness of the region. Artifacts and handicrafts reflect a creative boldness that is expressed in a panoply of appropriately named colors: Cypress green, Smoke Blue, Sand and Oasis mixed with the magic of Twilight Mauve, the piquancy of Lemon Curry and the heated glimmer of Copper Coin."



"Purveyor and source of light, the mysterious Galaxy is well reflected in a palette that truly illustrates the harmony of hue found in the nocturnal sky. Mirroring the colors of the earth, the greens, called Greener Pastures and Peridot, are powerfully contrasted against the deepest extraterrestrial blues, silver and stormy violets. Brilliant sprays of turquoise and a radiating orchid tone enhance the atmosphere, while Rich Gold embodies the energy and splendor of the epicenter of it all – the sun."

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