Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Margaret Ooman's blog, resurrection fern, is gorgeous. Rich with photography of the north woods she lives in, and the poetry of her son and her life. Her craft centers on fiber arts, particularly crochet, and her crocheted stones are emerging iconic. The blog is rich in tutorials, and her instructions for a crocheted acorn necklace were my introduction to her work. I've found I can crochet a bit while holding the sleepy babe (peek at these new photos of him by my talented friend Becci), so have been dabbling a bit myself. I've learned that I need to learn something other than the chain stitch and single and double crochet, but have been able to improvise, babe in hand, and stretch that a bit to some new projects.
Raindrops for a certain little girl's birthday. They were done on a whim (though what else is inspiration but a whim that works?) and I admit they're pretty pointless, but my daughters want them for their own, so they'll probably work for the target demographic.
Trying my own stones (also photo at top). They need some work, but are decidedly addictive. I bought the old textile factory spool at a street fair antique booth.
An acorn container. For fairies, of course.
Trying an acorn necklace with a stay-in band on top. Because ours tend to jump ;|.

My next Maggie Ooman project: to copy the eggs she sent to her friend, shown at the end of this post. Far from shores, I had to do the cheap (cheep!?) trick & bought some yellow-y smooth stones at Dollar Tree yesterday. Chicks coming up for Easter baskets!


vimahi said...

Those pics are beautiful. Did you get copies? Love them

vfg said...

happily, yes: friends with talents=a full CD coming my way soon. I'll order prints when I see them all. Working trades is my favorite!

sallyavena said...

Adorable little guy! And beautiful crocheting:)

cfm said...

i love my acorn necklace!