Sunday, March 1, 2009

for my valentines

I did a bit of felt sewing for each child for Valentine's Day. This horse had been hanging around our house unfinished for nearly a year (pattern from this book, Feltcraft), so I added the last details to give to Marian, my horse lover. I wanted something practical, if I could, and decided on a guitar pick case for Audrey. Even though I started with a lavender felt base, I meant to make it Valentine-y, but in the end just went with the star instead, because it's her signature shape these days. The other side has a flap that buttons down with a yellow button and elastic loop. Reuben's love robot is my attempt to be boy-y. I wanted a case for his immunization record, so it didn't just look like one of the other folded bits of paper that always end up crowding every bag in this house. I had a "helpful technology" theme idea in my head that linked little robots with vaccines...but Nathan just gave me an eye-roll for that. It's a bit of a stretch :O. The other side has "Reuben the Wilde" in green.

This photo was just from yesterday, but I wanted to show off Reuben's V-day wear: an "I Stole Mommy's Heart" shirt. Sure 'nuff! Plus, M is wearing her heart socks, so it fits the theme :).


nweames said...

Don't you love big sisters that love to read to younger siblings!

Love your horse, so cute. I actually got felting supplies this week. Keep meaning to & never got around to it. Now I just have to get the foam from my mother that she needs to give away.

Tarrah said...

You are so creative!

Love the picture of Meriam reading to her brother. Very precious.