Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Friday again

Our district scheduled a 2-hour early dismissal on Friday, allowing time for a spontaneous after school gathering in our courtyard. I knew of a nearly-empty kiln being run this weekend (glaze tests), and thought a wee pile of pumpkins might as well be included, so invited friends Becci and Shannon and their crafty sidekicks over to help us make. Becci brought tees and paints for the kids to make puzzle-stamped peace shirts (the school is celebrating a week of peace), as well as a coil of silver wire, whipping out lovely wrapped rings while she sat on our steps. The kids made glorious messes of both red clay and fabric paint (handprints were included, of course) and ran in and out and up and down in a pack for a couple of hours. The mamas just kept making pumpkins. It was good.


Christine Frandsen said...

Look at the long-haired Marian! That's the length it was when I met her. Also, I agreed with your email- I think Maryland would be a great place to live.

vfg said...

and not just because we will be close.

(except that is the part that matters to me!)

sallyavena said...

Oh I so wish we lived closer together. I could use a good crafting time right about now. I did spend the whole weekend stitching little wool felt stockings and mittens together for little ornaments to send up to my mom. However, I had to do it alone while watching the bbc movie "Cranford" on youtube. Based on some novels by Elizabeth Gaskel. Think Jane Austen, but with real life happening across all classes. Highly recommend, the movie has an amazing cast and the books are very well written.