Thursday, September 10, 2009


My fruit reserves for the 3-hour drive to Philadelphia today: one yellow peach, one white peach, one pear, one Honeycrisp apple. The local harvest is between summer and fall.

I'm both eager for our doctor conversations (orthopedic surgeon, oncologist, genetic counselor) and heartsick. I even woke up in the fours and stayed awake, nervous (huge for night-owl me). Emotional between.

Reuben is enjoying his health: feeling active and cheerful and great, between surgery and the next...whatever we decide.


Anonymous said...

Big prayers for the appointment to go well.

Enjoy that beautiful fruit, too.

nweames said...

Good luck! Our prayers are with you.

sjnagel said...

You just reminded me that I've got a bag of peaches from Matt's mom's backyard sitting on my kitchen table. I think it's time to turn off google reader and go eat.

Thinking of you.

Elise and Lane said...

Crazy stuff, keep us posted!