Sunday, September 6, 2009

big bubbles

I've had bubbles on my mind lately.

It started with katie did's amazing post on the kids' zone she helped do as part of a fundraiser for her school's science lab (these ideas will be part of our school's fall festival...), and then I saw this big bubbles link, I think via the crafty crow.

This corn syrup/Joy liquid detergent bubble recipe was the one Katie recommended. She recommends letting it sit out, uncovered, overnight for stronger (and therefore bigger!) bubbles. Here is a long compilation of other homemade bubble recipes, recommending different detergents, most with corn syrup or glycerin to thicken. The good folks at Martha use corn syrup, in their recipe, which they label in their usual all-knowing tone as the best. Have you tried (and can recommend) any of them?

The recipe compilation I linked to above links, in turn, to other bubble sites, with bubble-making ideas of the giant and ordinary size. I badly want to try the hula hoop wrapped in yarn that Katie displays, but also make pretty fairy wands like this or this or this (an etsy search will yield dozens).

Phew! Now I can close all of these bubble tabs and windows that have been cluttering my desktop.


sallyavena said...

I love the bubble picture! It makes me feel light and happy:)

stgraham said...

Love the giant bubble tub. Didi that at the children's museum in Gettysburg. Tons of fun!!!

Cynthia said...

got the corn syrup now to get the soap and make some great wands. Thanks for sharing.

Tarrah said...

That sounds like fun, thanks for sharing will have to try it out.

Charissa said...

Hello VFG,

I like your bubble photo and want to use it for my business logo. I started up a green house cleaning business in Seattle last year on a couple hundred dollars and need to market myself in order to get more clients. Your bubble with the tree reflection would represent my services really well but I will not use it until I have your permission.

I don't know how to contact you through e-mail as I am new to Blogger so hopefully you will see this request soon.

May I either copy and paste your photo of the bubble with trees reflected in it or trace it and draw it into my logo design?

Thank you for your consideration and beautiful blog page!
~ Charissa Jacobson, Owner :)
Evergreen House Cleaning Service
c- 425-344-4343

vfg said...

Ay, sorry Carissa: the photo is just a stock one I found somewhere on the web. I don't usually grab them without citing the source, and almost all of the photos I post are mine...but not this time. I'm pretty sure it isn't off of someone else's blog, or I would have asked them permission. Probably found with a google search, though I couldn't find it just now...

Wish I could be more helpful.