Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Friday social

The Goates girls had many social plans of the grand organizing sort this summer, none of which (excepting birthday parties) came to fruition, so it seemed imperative that we have at least a casual back-to-school shindig.

Invitations were very loose, on a did-I-see-you-and-was-I-thinking-about-it? basis.
So if I didn't, come along this afternoon, 3-5 pm, for some homemade whole wheat bread, a rainbow Kool-Aid bar, and a spot of crafting (of course!) and chats. We're thinking a "First Fridays" afternoon might become a regular thing. Depending on the cancer battle this fall.

I forced the girls to pause in their play to browse recent ideas listed on The Crafty Crow, and they chose felt pencil toppers for our afternoon craft, which they say are are "really good for back-to-school" and "something they know what to do with, not just sit on a shelf" (We're all definitely feeling the where-should-I-put-this-pretty-and-pretty-useless-stuff angst around our not-yet-unpacked house right now).
Audrey and Marian both made paper patterns for their ideas: an acorn and a little pony-tailed girl, but a stupid cancer phone call interrupted our plans to get samples sewn last night before Girl Scouts. I whipped out a couple this morning while the Cheerio interest lasted in the high chair area, but I'll have to show you their finished products later.

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