Monday, September 21, 2009

First Friday recap

Our First Friday social was good fun. Lovely friends, fresh-baked bread, and sweet local melons. I love more than I can explain seeing little people rummage through fabric with good crafty intent. The pencil topper idea was popular, so popular that I'm happy that I took photos of my pencil toppers beforehand because someone loved them so much that they took them away. Yes! Kidnapped toppers! Ay de mi!

handsewing note: I am always wishing that I kept better track of the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog. I particularly felt so in August: Handsewing Month! So many great projects... I printed out a pile of the Pocket Stitch Book booklets that Cassi of The Crafty Crow (a great kids craft collective) and Bella Dia made especially for SMS readers. I had them available with the floss and felt and, though I don't think they were used by this particular demographic, I'm happy to have them around for groups of holiday stitchers. Oh, I do love handsewing...So does Kate! (but not Audrey--see her wandering the background of the photos above? stitched out!):

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