Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lucky again

I keep forgetting how badly I want to learn to knit...along with all of those other things...but since I'm the luckiest (in some things at least), good knits make their way into our lives. I've received a couple of new Holly gifts (she of this and this and I cannot believe I didn't blog the acorn hat...) lately, starting with the softest perfect green baby bib. I've been complaining to friends that if I knew how much Reuben would be a drool baby, I would have gotten him some cute bibs instead of the Carter's-5-pack sort, almost all of which are hand-me-downs. Fine for rice cereal, but not expressing my baby aesthetic. Turns out Holly listens to my rambling :), and I found this on the porch today. Reuben opened his little packet this afternoon and you can see that he loved it (or the camera, little attention hog).Have I mentioned how hard it is to get a non-blurry close up of a wiggly babe without the flash? I put in another, anyway, so you can note those upper teeth. 4 of them! And felted potholders, a housewarming gift in purple petunia purple. I love how she gifts with a bit of the project's yarn as a tie. It was especially nice in this instance, as the finished product was felted. Felting makes for a nice thick potholder, an essential to the purpose, but Ah! that bicolor twist! I'm always sad when I see beautiful knitting and crochet work done with yucky old cheap acrylic yarn. Like everything I have of my grandmother's work. Not the case here ;).


amd said...

Val....He is so adorable...What a precious smile. He is growing up too fast. Love those baby teeth.

Christine said...

I love him in that polo! He looks so grown up and adorable of course.

sgraham said...

Holly is so talented, I envy her work! You are a lucky girl.