Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so much...

Since Reuben felt pretty well last week, we spent a lot of time doing properly summery things. And the boring daily things. And the teensiest bit of unpacking. I took all sorts of blog-bound photos (including a quick crafty social, making these, which were so fun and turned out darling), but didn't quite squeeze in photo-editing and blog-writing time before our Philadelphia trip this week (which was partly good, because I spent my late nights projects instead, like pulling apart our futon cushion and stitching the padding back in place around the springs while I watched Friday Night Lights. I finally gave in to this series when Ira Glass praised it. Because I *heart* Ira Glass). The oncology rooms here are kindly outfitted with computers, but not the camera interfaces. So next week it is!

Medically: R's MRI yesterday looked pretty much the same as his initial one in early May. So I don't have delightful news to pass on to you, but we're feeling fine that the tumor hasn't increased in size or spread into his pretty pink lungs yet. And the "oh-no-I-can-see-this-thing-growing-every-day!" phase was between the two MRIs, so it seems that the stinker grew, then shrunk back. I try to self-analyze: Is my hopeful "surely this is smaller today!" self stronger than my devastated "surely this has grown overnight!" self? Paranoid both ways, so I'm deciding it's a wash and I can trust me: I know it is softer under-arm than it was. So it's two more cycles at least, then another MRI. Surgery when it looks like it isn't shrinking anymore. We've asked to have the surgeon come chat with us about how this sort of resection goes (answer: it varies. Still, surely he knows more than my imagination does).


nweames said...

Such a pain trying to figure out all the medical mumbo jumbo and worse yet to stop your mind from racing from the best to worst possible scenerios. Loved the headbands. I have made several for the girls, and I am going to have to try this style.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Babies and Mamas should be out playing in the summer grass instead of sitting in hositals dealing with "stupid cancer."

Thanks for the update. I think of you guys often. jan