Tuesday, June 2, 2009

working out

We're tired of working inside the new house (however little of that is getting done), so were delighted to throw ourselves into working out: the goates were a' gardening this afternoon. One of our angel teachers shared a whole bed of flowers from her yard with us. Audrey did a lot of scribing: she used a box of plastic spoons and a pink Sharpie to label each baby plant so we can get to know them well, and graphed out each one's location afterwards. Marian worked until her face was muddy (allergies and a Fudgesicle break helped). I took advantage of the extra adult help to spend too much money at Lowe's buying myself a veggie garden. Because last month I bought this book in the library's used book annex for 75c. And then went to the composting class at the local agriculture extension office and got myself a free composter this week (see the black plastic beauty yerself in the top photo) and now will need to use that compost I make somewhere.I'm hoping that staggering out work with in work will be motivating to weary me (but you miss me when I stay far from the computer, right?). A lovely friend from church brought me tomatoes and petunias and begonias (need plants, local friends? Ask me: Carla sells what she gets at auction and her prices are amazing) and they should be planted, so I'll take my poor sad unplanted plants as motivation, too (I bought a batch of flowers pre-Easter that just got planted today and they're rather angry with me...that poor hydrangea had to be cut nearly to the quick).

I'm also hoping that the babe will like to hang out in his walker while I get muddy. I happily ate a lot of dirt in my time, so I normally might condone the same in my child...but I did get worms and he'll spend half his summer immunocompromised...so in the walker he will stay. He did grab and stuff a cilantro leaf into his mouth (the automatic response to anything within reach) while I was carrying both baby plant and baby human from car to yard. Pre-salsa fresca?


Braden said...

Love it! I've been spending many happy hours in my garden lately, too. Watch the plastic spoons--I did those one year instead of buying label sticks and they broke early and often. I am still finding pieces of them in the bed where I used them.
I'm jealous of the free composter!!! Where did you get that

Snippety Gibbet said...

What a great photo of Marian...the photo in the hat. It is adorable. I'm glad that you got to play in the dirt a bit. It does something for my spirit to play in dirt. jan