Wednesday, June 10, 2009


At my gorgeous little oldest daughter's perfect graduation-from-5th-grade ceremony today, her teacher put magnifying glasses under each of their seats, to remind them to see the beauty in everyone. A lovely message to begin middle school on. I read (and loved) Anne Lamott's pregnancy book, Operating Instructions, early in Reuben's life, and keep thinking of how she described her twinging regret at bringing a child into the world not for overpopulation or life complication or possibility of pain reasons, but because she knew he or she would have to live through seventh and eighth grades.

All of my tiptoe-around-in-heels-and-try-to-zoom-with-a-point-and-shoot-in-dim-light photos are blurry, but they're included for grandma, anyway :). Each of the kids spoke, and were so delightful. I loved every second. Spoiled Marian was being funny, sitting on her next-year-teacher's lap, and Reuben and Nathan are just loving on each other (R has really discovered DADDY! this week and I love it so).
And since I've used the word "Love" in four ways, I can stop now.

So proud of my sweetie; she's a good one.


Christine said...

go Audrey :)

Snippety Gibbet said...

I'm always so shocked on the day of fifth grade graduation. All dressed up, those little girls look like women. It's startling.

Congrats to Audrey. What a great adventure the next year will be for her. jan