Sunday, June 21, 2009

rained out

All of that lush green can only come from a whole lot of rain, so our Saturday woods plans had to urbanize. The nearest Waffle House was in Frederick, MD, so while we were there, I convinced the troops to stay awhile. The historic downtown was really lovely (blue skies now...).Sidewalk samples. I'm always in a mossy mood. I convinced the troops to accompany me to Great Stuff by Paul. The girls loved itand Nathan, well, he has a new iPhone to play with. And he kept Reuben occupied, which was super champion of him.

I had heard of the store as a great place to glean treasures, but it was more curated and less dig-through than I'd anticipated. Their antiques (they started with a lot of European ware, and are now mostly rustic Asian) are lovely, but not in the spur-of-the-moment purchase price range for this girl (though I would die happy if I owned a particular 48-drawer cabinet, and what kind of price is $1900 to place on happiness after all?). Perhaps I should have tried here for a thriftier shopping experience:Reliable Junk!
I was sore tempted by a bin of wooden type that has been much-rifled through. Pretty much all that was left was Z, V, F, & U. Luckily for me, I like those letters and found a little "G" to complete my monogram (vfg).
I also splurged on some antique Indian textile stamps (which took me 1/2 hour to choose) and, for the umpteenth time in the 5 years I've been "seriously working" on nice bedding for my poor bedroom, think I've finally found the thing. Marian and I experimented with them this evening and are feeling optimistic. Handcarved pear wood, say my sources. Sample results soon!

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Cynthia said...

A beautiful crown can make anything all better;) You are inspiring me to enjoy a little bit more of life and where I'm at. A big hug your way.