Sunday, June 21, 2009

miniature terrariums in Catoctin

Saturday I woke up to this view: We talk a lot about trying to move back West, nearer our family and roots, and I always think about how much I would ache for these deciduous Eastern forests. (Reuben was so enchanted with that striped ceiling in the morning; we camp in a delightful and huge bulky canvas tent that Nathan grew up with.)

The summer's first camping trip deserves a good nature craft, and I turned to my ever-giving pile of medical supplies for a re-use/repurpose. These little bottles originally contained Marian's growth hormone, but I've gleaned similar from methotrexate (wider necked) and Neupogen (tinier). I've heard insulin bottles are similar. Ask your sick friends ;). I clip the thin aluminum bands and soak off the labels and am left with a neat little rubber-stoppered bottle.I brought each camping child a different color of cotton yarn to string their bottles around their necks (pull-over length). The narrow neck is perfect for tying. Our instructions were simple: find some dirt, add some moss and other little bits.Then let Miss Valerie take your picture.


Snippety Gibbet said...

I love the nature craft amulets.

And you had me giggling with the "ask your sick friends" comment.


sgraham said...

Love the mini terrariums!! Great project. Bigger ones are on our project list for this summer. (I think the mini's are too cool though)
I love camping, but John is a stick in the mud!! And of course Jackson is our result!! That is why we don't go much. (hee hee)