Thursday, February 25, 2010

yesterday's MRI

that tricky shoulder, before (March 2009)

short version: good!

long version: um, whatever this says

MR UPPER EX JT W/WO CONTRAST MRI OF THE SHOULDER HISTORY: 1-year-old with synovial cell sarcoma of the right shoulder; followup COMPARISON: 1/5/10 TECHNIQUE: An MRI examination of the right shoulder was performed on a 1.5 Tesla scanner using the following sequences: T1-weighted coronal, T1-weighted axial, T2 fat-saturated coronal, proton density fat-saturated coronal, T2 fat-saturated axial, fat-saturated proton density, as well as fat-saturated axial and coronal T1-weighted images pre- and postinjection of intravenous gadolinium based contrast material. FINDINGS: There are postsurgical changes seen in the posterior shoulder and axilla, post excision of the right axillary tumor, without a residual or recurrent mass seen. Following injection of intravenous contrast, there is diminishing enhancement within the surgical bed posterior to the right shoulder, about the latissimus dorsi muscle, infraspinatus muscle, and teres major muscle, compatible with resolving postsurgical changes. Since the prior study, there has been interval development of a focus of contrast enhancement seen in the posterior subcutaneous tissues which has a linear configuration and most likely represents enhancing granulation tissue along the incision site (image 6, series 12); attention to this region on followup exams as warranted. IMPRESSION: Evolving postsurgical changes in the right shoulder, with interval development of probable enhancing granulation tissue along the incision site, but without definite evidence of residual or recurrent tumor.
that tricky shoulder: shark bite!
(it's too cold for me to take the whole shirt off.
We, um, ran out of heating oil, responsible homeowners that we are...)
on the screen: that tricky shoulder, swathed in bandages just post-op

Hey, happy birthday to my sister Camie! So badly this 10-year-old wanted a baby sister to play with (in the family guessing game, I was right with my "girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes," but wrong with my "twins, named Carissa and Marissa") and she's been just as good as I could have imagined. Maybe I'll squeeze out the time tomorrow to post the gifties I made for her :).


Kathi D said...

Oh, I love it when you have good news!

sallyavena said...

Yeah for good news! Stay warm in this next wave of snow storms!

Braden Bell said...

Yay!!!!! So glad to hear the good news. And those photos are stunning.

Sherry said...

I love the picture of you and Roo! Thanks for sharing the good news.

Bwyn said...

YAH!!!! I love reports like that!!!

Sorry to hear about the heating oil thing though. I think there were lots of times we came really close to running out.

vimahi said...

awesome - you deserve good news. adorable picture too

Amanda Ruth said...

LOVE THE PICTURE!! I don't understand much of the medical-speak, but the "IMPRESSIONS" sure make sense of it all...YAY!!!

(P.S. If is it any consolation we ran out of heating oil during the last snowstorm...)

Amanda Ruth said...

I love the shark bite reference in the photo caption! (Munsch reference? That pesky hospital shark got me too!)