Thursday, February 4, 2010

so good

My nephew Drake, age 9, fasted for "endangered species, especially the rhinoceros" last month.

(Our church has a tradition of fasting one day a month , donating money saved--though usually more--to the needy and often dedicating the day to concentrated prayer for a particular person or situation).


Lisa said...

Love it! I remember not too long ago Noah talked about fasting for people in Egypt who may have lost their houses in a sand storm (he didn't - he was only 6 at the time)

Bwyn said...

Sorry I have been distracted lately. But I was finally lifted from bed-rest, well at least for the next two weeks anyway! This baby seems to be a bit temperamental like their sister Rowen. Either way, crafting sounds like so much fun with you. I did have in mind wanting to make some things for Valentine's Day but I am sure I cant get those things done so i am thinking a bit farther ahead. I am trying to make some burp clothes and a sling for this new little one.
This coming week is riddled with a couple doctors appointments for me but next week looks good. Any days work better then others for you?

ahs said...

so funny!! i love kids. and why not fast for the rhinos?

peach fuzz head reuben looks great!

Mindy said...

Gotta love Drake!

Bwyn said...

Fridays sound good. I usually have doc appointments every Friday morning early but they are only about an hour.

** I am pretty excited about getting my sewing machine out again!

Not sure if this Friday is gonna work for us. My appointment is late in morning and both Rowen and i are getting over brochilitis (sp).

I am excited for next Friday. I will let you know for sure the middle of the week.