Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy love day

I cannot find my camera--I suspect it was stashed by small fingers--so won't show you any new projects this morning, but a photo of the pink-and-red handmade love that came my way from my mom. She sends packages for all holidays, with treats and a homemade delight. I'm a lucky, lucky girl: both to receive all of these and to learn early how much love is poured into a handmade gift and to want to continue that tradition. Though I have loved and benefited from the rediscovery of craft in the last decade, the Frandsen/Anderson women have never stopped.

In other Valentine's Day news, we participated in a progressive dinner our church sponsored last night. I rather loved it. I remember my parents doing those when I was little. Was that a 70s thing? Have you done progressive dinners before? I think it would be really fun to organize with a group of friends, split into lots of mini courses.

Lastly: my love gift to my husband today is to spend the day travelling to and attending a cycling official's clinic. I'm making his myth of cycling as a family hobby come true and starting to work PCA and MABRA races this spring.

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Bwyn said...

We used to do progressive dinners. They are so much fun! I think they are definitely coming back!