Thursday, February 18, 2010

another bit of lovin'

I made the very wee red-and-white paper cut cards for my family last year, but Ay! forgot to use them. During the inbetweens of my Valentine's Day USACF Official's Clinic training Sunday I detailed why I loved my most beloved ones on those tiny bits and these kind-of-splurgy-but-so-delightful black apple valentines. And stitched a little wool twig for my best honey, an I'm-sticking-with-you-and-so-lucky-to-be-so reminder. I squealed with pleasure when Nathan brought in the latest good offering from my best knitting gal Holly: "Washcloths aren't just for doing the dishes. They're also for sending our Valentine wishes." So spoiled.And look at this good love corner of my finally-hung miniature shelf, featuring an acorn heart from Becci (yup, there's a wee silver hedgehog in there).I do love Valentine's Day.

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