Thursday, February 11, 2010

me & you Valentines

I love incorporating my children's work into mine: showcasing their creativity in a more finished piece.Our Valentine-making party was sabotaged by "snowmaggedon", and became a much-smaller, walkers-only affair. It was actually quite nice, as we were able to all sit around one table and the Goates girls actually finished their Valentines (our hostessing usually happily distracts us). Mailing them has been delayed, unfortunately, but I blame the continuing snow days and their delightful time-freezing.
Reuben worked his first (purposeful) marker experience with Valentine colors (look at that growing hair! So long away from purposeful poison!), and I mounted them. Each reads, on reverse: Lucky, lucky, lucky you! You're loved by Valerie and Reuben, too!
[I know, too many exclamation points in that paragraph for credibility. But love! and no more chemo! Deserving, those.]Audrey was a factory, filling our mantle with a wide variety.

Okay (since I know you want them). I'll give you another hair shot.
Delicious. Wish you could run your hands over that fine thatch. 'Tis mama bliss. Maybe baby, too.


Paul said...

Reuby dooby doo. I like those (soon to be) locks! See even I, (who never uses exclamation points) used one to celebrate with you.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh my gosh. He isn't as baby looking as I have him set in my mind. The little fellow is growing up. What a great idea for Valentines from him. jan

Anonymous said...

He really is a beautiful baby! I love the hair.

Christine Frandsen said...

makes me want to rub my hand all over that thick-fuzzed head!