Thursday, February 25, 2010

Easter dioramas

Rather in love this week with the just-found blog of the beautiful children's boutique Mahar drygoods. Aimed at the 8-12 crowd: Junior Society.

And wanting very much to do Easter dioramas with them.

I'm thinking candy clays, like the dough for peanut butter balls and cream cheese mints.
+ pastel paper
+ gumballs.
And pretty boxes, of course.
Would I even be able to find 2 sizes of gumballs?
Do you think that is what their bunnies & chicks are made of?
I'm going to have to find a co-conspirator or two...


Braden Bell said...

I am always in awe of what you all do--and love hearing about the cool new products and places that catch your attention.

sallyavena said...

I wish I could come and craft with you. This would be something Jakob and Ethan could get in to. As for the gumballs, I know 2(3 counting the giant sized) sizes of gumballs exist I just don't know where you would find them. Any bulk candy places around? Or what about Mr. Ed's on Rt 30 (the one with the elephant out front)? That place used to have all sorts of candy, but I haven't been in there in decades.

stgraham said...

Me, Me conspire with me! So cool.

Rebecca Zullinger said...

I know just where we can go to get the things we need...

Amanda Ruth said...


There are definitely two sizes of gumballs available! My Ladybug is a gumball connoisseur, there are several places around here that sell them! :)