Monday, January 11, 2010

the other child

Just so you know, I have another child.

I just usually respect her disinterest in being photographed.

She's plenty crafty, but more of a writer, and I hope to see more of her writing on her new (ish) writing blog: goatgirly inks.
photograped by Marian, who doesn't always focus..
For Christmas this year, she made all of her gifts, but I was only involved in a couple of them, so they, also, weren't photographed to death.

She made a lovely little memory book for me, signs for her dad's office (3 reversible, with options like "back in 5 minutes" or "I'm here; please knock"), a wooden tree puzzle for Reuben, and a bracelet/keychain set for Marian. We have a cousin exchange on my side of the family, too, and I did get a few process shots of Audrey and a friend making block puzzles for the 6-year-old boys they both were gifting to.We went a couple of days before to our library's used book sale, and each girl chose a book with graphics that they thought their boy would like. Her friend's family just returned from a sabbatical year in South Africa, so her find, a poetry book full of mosiac-like African art was an especially great find (and resulted in a perfectly tricky puzzle). A whole picture book with big illustrations was daunting to work with at first, so to help the girls choose their art, I snipped little viewfinders. They were tremendously helpful.


nweames said...

Wow! She has grown up. Such a beautiful young lady. So talented, just like her mother.

sallyavena said...

Great idea with the books and the viewfinder. Block puzzles are on my list for this year and I plan on doing them in advanced so we can actually find the blocks. Audrey is turning into a lovely young woman!

Kathi D said...

The kids in my family are like yours--a mix of "Hey, here I am!" and "Don't point that camera at me, please."

It is good to respect both ends of the spectrum. Please thank Audrey for letting us have a peek!

Kathi D said...

By the way, Marian is welcome to photograph me. I appreciate a nice soft focus.

Sherry said...

I love the picture of the 2 of's perfect!