Sunday, January 31, 2010

and again someone else's pattern

My first blog crush: Hillary Lang of

She actually sent this pattern to Marian when her first Make-A-Wish foundation idea was to "meet a real craft artist" and her family had the flu when we could possibly arrange a visit. I think she thought it was awkward, too, but it all worked out awesome for us because she sent a big box of patterns and supplies and (gasp) "two of my best girls" (Sasha and Natasha: click to see the photos and then watch your jaw drop at Marian and Audrey's luckiness). I don't think I ever blogged about that, because we were a little overwhelmed with (1) the chaos that was our life at that point and (2) her generosity.

I love wee wonderfuls (with the possible caveat that I don't think they're "wee" enough, but I do have a miniaturizing problem) and have bought most of the rest of her patterns. Before and after the gifts. Still, the "W" is for "William", not "wee wonderfuls". I'm not quite that stalker-y.

Anyway. Space boy. I cut out 4 and this first one rocketed off this week to be a 19-month-birthday present for a favorite of mine. I really thought I could stash-supply this one, but it turns out that my fabric stash is overwhelmingly dominated by woodsy feminine fabrics (who knew??), fabric! (slightly ashamed, but also I love them)Since my space boys are all bound to baby planet destinations, I omitted buttons and, to make them more washable, made the belt and epaulets out of cloth (doubled the pattern, added seam allowances, stitched & inverted) instead of the recommended wool felt. A well-loved toy (hoping!) needs to have a good working relationship with a washing machine.

(Is it good or bad to be the first giftee? I'll make a couple of adjustments next time...)


Cynthia said...

AH!! I love him. So now I need to get the pattern...WH has a birthday in two weeks and this would be perfect.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I think I found my way here through weewonderfuls.

vfg said...

From a comment I made or something?
Glad you did!

vfg said...

And, Cynthia--it was a really easy sew. I'm sure you could just figure your own pattern, but I really do recommend hers. The booklets are really just so sweet--it all adds to the pleasure of the process.