Sunday, January 31, 2010

dear purl bee

look at me have a big enough wool felt stash to have subtly different shades of red...and white...and pink ;)

I've gotten to a weird creative point where if I make something from a pattern, sometimes I think it doesn't "count". What or who is doing this accounting, I cannot quite explain...

But this week I did some happy pattern following, and am pleased to count them my creations, too. I initially thought I would just use this purl bee felt flower hair clip tutorial as a loose suggestion, but then I traced the pattern and just did exactly what they told me to do.

Dear Purl Bee,
I love them.
Your pattern was perfect.
Thank you.


stgraham said...

Love these!! So cute!! I wonder if Kenzie would wear them. or if she is too "mature? for these?

vfg said...

I'm thinking I could pull it off on a ponytail or next to my ever-faithful bun.

Audrey will love it. But she's still pretty "girly".

Kathi D said...

I get tripped up on that silly "rule," too, and sometimes it keeps me from doing anything at all!

Meg said...

I love these, maybe I will give them a whirl.