Sunday, January 24, 2010

be my valentine

my needle-felting efforts this week

Oh, I love this holiday. So needed in sunlight starved January.

Plans are underway for our 7th annual Goates Girls Mother-Daughter Valentine Party (which Audrey always quibbles with, because the daughters have actually only been invited for 4). We're passing out invitation cards at random, so if you're local and we haven't run into you lately, feel free to come: Saturday, February 6th, 10 am-noon.

Hmmm...what Valentine love projects to pursue this year?

I was really inspired by Martha's list, of course. This year the girls' valentine piles will include candy gems in treasured chests

For Marian's class, I think we'll combine these packaging ideas:
sewn glassine and blown kisses

I want to do the spotted secret messages, though I suspect it will be too much this year.
And I want someone to knit me some of these hearts. Feel free.

Purl bee, always charming, came through with these fantastic felt rose barrettes. One for me, too!

And I'm inspired by this by Stephanie Congdon. "I'm sticking with you." Sold out, of course (hers do, so quickly!), but I'm not too sad: I happen to have quite the stash of brown and green materials...


sallyavena said...

Lovely ideas. I think we might be trying the jewels and rose clips in our house. I wish we could make it for the crafting!

nweames said...

You are making me tired - or maybe I'm just tired -- I love your ideas, especially the scanned photo idea. Sadly this year is store bought valentine's candy with a "to: from:" label. Maybe we'll just do one for cousins. Hmmmm. . . .

Meg said...

I love making valentines, and have been eyeing things myself this year. I love your ideas, and the jewels look like a lot of fun. Wish I could come craft, too.

Sherry said...

I would love to make some of the hearts for you...lets see if my hands can hold up to it though...carpal tunnel due to pregnancy has set in and I can't knit more than a couple of rows without pain setting in. (I bet Lauren could do it if you ask her!)

sallyavena said...

You might have seen this, but thought I would share. A bunch of ideas, with another lovely flower clip. I just made one today and it turned out really cute.

Bwyn said...

Love, love, love the stuff you are planning for Valentine's Day!

How are you all doing? Greg and I were thinking of you all just the other day.

*** Also: where do you get your fabrics from? I am trying desperately to get back into my craftiness before this baby comes but I am having trouble finding GOOD fabric at a decent price.

Hope you all are well!