Monday, January 11, 2010

from Marian to Reuben

Miss Marian made a nice gray linen hippo for Reuben's Christmas gift. It was a collaborative effort: she chose the animal & size she wanted to make, then...okay, I heavily influenced the gray linen choice. Marian can be very stubborn about her artistic vision, though, so I like to think she was of a like mind. The green striped inner ears were her choice. She traced and cut out the pattern pieces, and I cut the fabric and machine-stitched the seams. She turned the creature's skin. Marian wanted to use safety eyes and I attached those & the ears so they would all be extra-secure for the hippo-eating baby.Marian firmly stuffed the beast (we chose to use polyester filling so Mr. H will be machine-washable), and stitched up his bum. I love her stitches:
(Marian also gave Reuben the small tin mentioned in the last post, which I fill with various wee bits of the baby-safe variety (Kix are popular) and he loves to open and close and open and spill. It's the biggest hit of his Christmas, even if all of her glue-stick decorations only lasted 23 seconds.)

I badly want Reuben to cuddle this guy to sleep, and he usually will condescend to give him a fat kiss/bite (sometimes I get that sort, too; he's working on those canines!) at night time, but his preferred cuddly is a remote. Or phone. Either is fine, but the buttons are essential, and it's nice if they respond with lights or beeps. Such a techno boy already.
I'm trying to kick 2010 me in the p'toosh and do more house work. I need to do both kinds, of course, but here I mean the sewing and decorating sort. I finally finished the throw pillows for the couch, which I made far too complicated (each one has a different zipper approach, and I should have followed Sally's advice on all of them and used hidden zippers, because she's right, they are by far the easiest and prettiest, but I also rather adore using 10 cent zippers from the local factory outlet. Anyway, you can see 'em on the couch above. The fabric looks hodge-podgy, but was actually very carefully curated, and bought piece-by-piece from etsy sellers. I love them. Next up: getting these off the floor and onto the walls.


vszmom said...

Sorry I let time get away from me on my reply. We're headed home so I'll better know what I can do as far as ordering a bowl for Sara. I loved the latest post about the hippo. I love the way you teach you children by example about the art of crafting. In the post you talked of an outlet store and I wondered if you've ever stumbled across Home Sew Inc in Bethlehem, PA. It's been nearly 35 years since I found them through a friend. In the day when I made nearly everything the kids wore (underwear to swimsuits) they were my lifeline to all things used in sewing. I loved the buttons you could buy in a bag. It was a grab bag of surprises. I bought elastic by the cone and pins by the pound. I just went to the website and it is still a wonder to behold. Just thought it would be right up your alley if it isn't already. Much love, VZ

sallyavena said...

Loving the hippo! I like your pillows too. Can't wait to see what else the girls crafted.

Mindy said...

Looks like I'm gonna have to come see you again! To see your new decor! PS Reuben is adorable and Marian is so capable and creative!

Pen and Paperie said...

Hi! The hippo is adorable (and so is your son!). I love your blog + your Etsy store!!

Anonymous said...

Marian's hippo is wonderful! (Your pillows are, too.) I love Reuben's look of concentration in that last photo.