Sunday, January 24, 2010


Most of the last couple of weeks have been devoted to fuzzy creations of 3 sorts:

(1) Introducing needle-felting to 3 separate friends. Then more doing it together. I'm drumming up a lot of business for blue goose glen, my favorite wool web source. My fiber choice? For somewhere in the $25 range, they'll send you a pound of wool roving remnants, in a range of colors. A pound is a LOT of wool. 1/2 pound is also available. You can also get needles & other felting supplies. They used to run their store from ebay, but now have their own site, here, with all things fiber.
One of my friend Becci's creations (she's been a needling madwoman!) that she gave to Marian last night.
She's been doing some very cute things with acorns, too: vessels & wee animal caves. So precious you want to taste.

(2) Working on a first birthday gift for my cutie-patootie niece, Mykita. I love dolls more than anything, I think, and hand-sized dolls make me kind of melty inside. I made the body from a favorite cashmere sweater that succumbed to the big moth invasion of 2004, and it is so delightfully soft and light. It has been awhile since I've sewn, and I'm newly hooked. It was just really satisfying. I took some process shots that I'll share later, when her quilt is done, too, but if you just want the doll satisfaction without the sewing satisfaction, I recommend my favorite Waldorf doll maker: Aunt Boo's Babies. On etsy, of course. Her work is amazing. The next pile on the sewing table? 4 space boys.(3) Reuben has been growing hair (dubbed "fuzzies" by Marian when she was growing her own) for two weeks, and I had 122 photos on the card I loaded last night (yup, I just counted), trying to get the perfect fuzzy shot. That wasn't fuzzy. Here are a couple of my favorites:A nice thick fringe of black is growing on those gorgeous baby blues, too. We can't keep our hands off of his head. And: THIS TIME IT'S STAYING!!
(jinx not, please)Oh, you want more? Okay, since you insist. Here are a few, chosen for their very Reubasaurus-ness.That's my baby.


Kathi D said...

How wonderful to see that fuzz!

sallyavena said...

I love that toothy, fuzzy grin. And you just inspired me to pull out some felting. I need something to do while I watch movies in the night when Phil is gone.

Mindy said...

Oh I love it. He has a fuzzy head like Jovi!

Cynthia said...

I love the space boy pattern. I've been eyeing it. I can hardly wait to see how they turn out.

Peach fuzz is awesome. Love those coy and adorable shots.

Meg said...

What a cute fuzzy head. How much fun it must be to rub his head.