Thursday, April 23, 2009


Preparations are underway. The store-bought portion of "Marian's favorite snacks": potato chips and ketchup. Marshmallows. Sugar cereal. Crackers (not, but I thought it was needed to go with the beloved cheese). Jelly bellys. And, the latest obsession: dark chocolate. Fancy dark chocolate--she prefers 70% cacao. It's pretty awesome.
We decided on two white cell pinatas, for different ages, because our treat pile was bigger than our available balloon size and the shopping just had to end. Marian loves papier mache; Audrey flatly refuses to participate in anything so "yucky".

And the shirts! Ah!
81 still shining shirts arrived yesterday and today Reuben and I sorted them. By color instead of style and size this time. For obvious reasons. See the super-awesome rainbow here. And this series' super-special secret here. You're going to be so sad if you weren't in on this ;).

I couldn't decide which gratuitous baby shot to use, so included both, of course!
Which is your favorite?
(the last one does have the dangling baby drool going for it...ay! you should see his poor bulging baby gums up top!)


Emskyrooney said...

I've been reading your blog (and Marian's!) for quite a while now- bought one of Marian's little test tube kits a while back) and just wanted to pop in and say that the pics of Reuben are ADORABLE! My little guy was born about 2 weeks after Reuben and is at the same stage of happily sitting in the Bumbo and drooling all over himself- it's so hard to get a picture without drool! Love your blog!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hehehe. Love the photos of Reuben. He looks like such a happy fellow.

An colleague posted a photo of her little one on her blog and used the word "bumbo." I had no idea what in the world that meant. After reading Emskyrooney's comment, now I know.

Cynthia said...

Love the photos. So darn photogenic. I can't catch Spencer being still anymore. Lots of blurry photos. Sigh. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world. Really wish we could be there this weekend. Hope everything is a wonderful success.

Tarrah said...

Ahh wish we could have come, sounds like it was a fun party:) How did it go?

Sherry said...

Sorry we missed the party! I completely spaced things last week. We still love you all though!

Renaissance Woman said...

Just stopping by to say hello. I'm so glad that Marian is doing well! Such wonderful happenings in your life lately. We miss you guys like crazy. Clinton is getting publications hand over fist and I start my doctoral program in the fall. It's going to be a great year! (Reuben is so cute! How happy he looks!)

MTN said...

Regarding snacks: We (the Park City High School journalism staff) have a nickname for Oh's: crack.

cfm said...

how could you decide with one so cute as that reuben!