Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday was our home inspection and it was awfully fun to hang out in our new house for a couple of hours, even if it was with the nice man who was looking hard for (and explaining) all of its problems. None too serious, luckily, so we're going ahead! It's funny, house-buying. We saw our little cottage twice, decided, then have been stuck in this soon-ours-but-not-now limbo, banned from the house for politeness-sake, lustily examining any photos we can find online (Audrey & I: Marian & Nathan don't like to play this game as much as we do). The house has been recently totally remodeled, and tastefully so, and thus move-in ready, but I'm trying to decide if we should paint a bit before furnishing. Yesterday I discovered that the bedroom we will be using is currently a very pale blue, not my choice, so it became the prime painting candidate. Then I saw this today on decor8...Reconsidering. Now we just wait 3 more weeks before seeing it all again. Though the very nice lady-who-lives-there has been warned that I'm stopping by to deadhead the roses this week. Because one of us is more interested in their summer blooming than the other :).

My decorating tastes used to be very earthy. Very neutrals with green. But lately I'm starved for COLORcolorCOLOR. Which may incite me to actually use all that creative juice for decorating my home instead of just making more stacks of tiny little things. Except, bummer, must make this conversion on a we-just-blew-the-wad-on-a-house budget.


sallyavena said...

I've always wanted greens and whites in my master bedroom, sometime down the road, but a while back in BHG I saw a beautiful room painted a pale blue, with mostly white, but some dark woods furniture and the bedding, curtains and I think a chair were done in greens or leafy prints (no florals is Phil's request). Every so often I pull out that picture and daydream. It just seems so tranquil with the blue walls and less stark. So blue does have possibilities:)

nweames said...

I love Blue, if I could talk Brandon into it I would do it in a heartbeat. It is so peaceful. As it is, I just enjoy A's room. Blue is so peaceful. I would love it with white wainscoting, I am already feeling calm.