Monday, January 14, 2008

wee trees

After seeing the little wool felt tree in a Cotton Time magazine (posted by molly chicken here) sometime this fall, I wanted a little grouping of my own, and actually did finish them before Christmas. I packed them away with my Christmas stuff on Saturday (finally!), but am now thinking they'd still be appropriate for the seasonal table. I included a couple in a needle-felted playset I made for an etsy customer in December.
And...yet another reason everyone needs stacks of perfect little clay bowls: to hold sparkly seed beads.


sallyavena said...

How did you do the stripes on the tiger? I've tried to get some fine lines and just haven't succeeded with needle felting.

vfg said...

I pull long thin strings of wool, then twist them a bit to hold their shape while I attach, stretching them tight while I pokepokepoke.