Tuesday, January 22, 2008

good mail

One day last week we had a postal miracle. No bills. No junk mail. No magazines. Just eagerly anticipated packages.

First was a package from the good folks at a children's hospital in Virginia (Children's Medical Center,
Virginia Commonwealth Health Systems
), responding to a search from the amazing Sue Stewart at bmtinfonet.org for literature written for young marrow donors. I e-mailed bmtinfonet requesting contact with a family who went through the BMT experience at our hospital, and the next day received a contact number. I followed up asking about books for donors, and she immediately contacted a dozen hospitals, one of which sent the package. It included Me and My Marrow (you can read the online version here: Marian has loved it) and The Gift, a book/workbook specifically for young marrow donors. I had seen a copy at Vanderbilt a few years ago, but didn't remember the name and couldn't find any information online (I still can't).

Second was an "extremely informative period chart" that I ordered from artist Keri Smith. It cracks me up plus I need it.

Third was a pack of scarves I won on ebay, all Vera (I like the ladybug signatures) and silk or silk blends. Marian and I have decided that they will be her headcovering of choice when chemo takes her lovely hair. So soft & beautiful! You can see Marian and her scarves in a photo on her blog here. I really wanted this particular batch of scarves, so, for the first time, looked up the gal I was bidding against to see what she bought/what she paid for it. Mostly size 24 Old Navy skirts and silk scarves. Sounded formidable, so I bid 2x what I ended up paying. Phew!

Fourth was a be-still-my-delighted-heart package from the small object. It took me awhile to get on the small object bandwagon, but now I'm just a goner. I think it was the free download of the thumb wrestling championship belts that really snagged me (I included printouts in most of my family Christmas mailing boxes :)), and when the newest shop update was planned for midnight, January 10th (?), I was there. . Every little detail is whimsical delight. Like I was going to wait until morning to open it for good pictures, so I'm afraid they suffered, but Look How Cute. I'm dying. Plus she included a candle. My dear friend Sarah is turning 10 on Saturday and I get to use my Celebration Candle Kid for the first time when she comes to our annual Mother-Daughter Valentine party.


sallyavena said...

Fun mail!!! As always, I was clicking on your links to all of the fun stuff you find and ran across something I was wondering if you could help me with. On the blog site for The Small Object it has a link to a CraftLand fair. Do you recognize the print/maker of the print that they are using for their advertising? I've stumbled across it before and I remember they had some really sweet pictures of little girls in different seasons, etc. Just thought you might recognize it. Thanks.

vfg said...

I think it's Jen Corace.

Amy Karol at angrychicken.typepad.com is always raving about her.

As for sweet prints of little girls in seasons, I splurged for all four of belleandboo.etsy.com 's seasonal "my favorite place" prints and am very very happy with them. All of her prints are ADORABLE. Plus she's so nice (bought a mug from me!).

nyjlm said...

I have thus far managed not to fall prey to the siren call of The Small Object.
Enjoy your lovely small objects!

vfg said...

My first. And I love it. Though I have to say I was a bit disappointed that the face is a little decal, though very nicely applied. I pay $30 for a little wood thing, I kind of expected it to be handpainted...alas. But still a fan.