Thursday, January 3, 2008

etsy holidays

I'm afraid that I was busy enough with my own etsy shipping and such that my darlings didn't get a lot of handmade joy from me this Christmas....they're a bit tired of my stuff, anyway....but they did get handmade joy from others. Besides the magic cabin delights that I'll show sometime later, these came to stockings and tree packages at our house.

Sweet woodland hair accessories from marymarsh
(plus some for me!)

Iris and Moonbeam pixie (the moonbeam was a custom order, the iris just happened to turn up with perfect timing for a girl who thought a lavender flower was the kind of fairy she'd like to be...sneaky mama questions...) from the darling and reasonably-priced tiddlywinks
(her animals are even cuter)

flipbooks from green chair press

squirrel goodness from riotsqurrl
(also to me)

calendar from creative thursday...oops, both Santa and my husband brought me this one...naughty me to buy something from the favorites list I directed him to...

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