Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a rather dubious late night scissor project...

Since the girls are back to school tomorrow & I am (hooray!) therefore back to the studio & leaving home early to deliver all of us to campus, I decided to take a late-night shower.

After making the very interesting discovery during my comb-out that my hair was long enough to hit the ceiling when I flipped it, I realized it had been nearly a year since my last trim.

After examining my ends to see how uneven they were (not too bad), I thought I'd give myself my first self-cut.

After starting, I realized it as an extremely ill-advised late night craft project.

After finishing, I was happy to remember that, especially at great lengths, hair is very much a moving target and no one will ever know if I did a perfect job or not.

After typing the "perfect", I am thinking "rotary cutter" ....(if they could iron hair in the 70s....).

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