Monday, April 16, 2007

oh so healthy

I, like most of you, am trying to "eat healthy". For me, this means I carefully whip up tofu shakes, drive way out of my way to get organic stuff at Trader Joes, grind my own wheat, and then eat a load of hydrogenated, sugar-filled CRAP. Awesome.

My job requires a lot of driving, and lately some longer trips (I'm in Philly--a 3+ hr drive--every week this month). I cannot seem to stay awake on a drive any distance over 10 miles or so without eating constantly. In an effort to avoid the guckies, I decided to bring healthier foodstuffs this last trip. I ate enough of Trader Joe's rather awesome antioxidant trail mix to get a super-sore mouth (walnuts...), and then a whole pound of grape tomatoes. Except one rather withered one that I didn't quite trust. I think it was overkill. I wonder what I will choose for Friday's trip...
keen blue carpet on my back porch, eh?

"oh, what's Valerie's new job?" those of you who know me may be asking yourselves. I'm still mom-ing it (though the purplepetunia biz is invading a bit). which does mean a whole lot of driving these days; my youngest's doctors are at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and we're busy there! Just thinking I'm funny...

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