Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Oh, blessed day!

I had my first great thrift store find yesterday: a lovely handmade blue apron with amazing floral appliques. I'm going to carefully resize it to fit my 5-year-old, who is both my great kitchen helper and a lover of both sky blue and all things beautiful. all of the binding is hand-stitched, and the tiniest blanket stitches ever on the delicate appliques. Also embroidery. I LOVE the fabric the flowers are cut from: it looks hand-dyed, with gorgeous variations of color. The things people give away...hooray! $1.50.

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Devo said...

You are such a good shopper... Helps that you have the talent to make it into exactly what you want as well.
Ellee loves her egg doll! (It has a really slobbery head though...)