Wednesday, April 11, 2007

good mail!

Wow. I am so feeling the sibling love this morning. I just spied the postwoman putting a package behind the storm door and happily waited (why am I nervous to interact?) for her to leave before snatching my happy mail, finding to my delight not one but TWO packs of love from siblings. We have a happy tradition in our family of birthday gifts stringing along for a month or two after the fact, which is frankly nice. Avoids the birthday crash, 'cause you know more is still coming ;). Both packages contained a crafty delight and a childhood flashback of marvelous potency: my two favorites!

Today's treasures come from Iowa (Devn, Abby, and Miss Ellee Rae) and Provo (Camie).
Cam's pack was part birthday love and part trade: I saw an accordion book I loved and asked her to use her considerable bookbinding skills to whip me up a calendar/pocketed/paged purse wonder & she outdid herself. Brown and green, which I love, so many handcrafted details (even a hand-drawn calendar) which I Love, and made by my project-pal sis, which I LOVE. My part of the bargain is still pending her final decision (needle-felted special order).

Camie's childhood flashback is a laminated color-copy (out of print, so that's what we can do...) of an old family staple: If I Obey, I'll be Happy All Day. I guess it is great testament to our parent's brainwashing acumen that we all love this thing. Plus, Popsicles.

These beads were a delightful little surprise, too. Polymer beads of green & silver & black, handcrafted in her signature funky way. I promptly popped them over my head (handily, they match today's outfit...okay, no surprise--green!).

Devn and Abby demonstrated their usual thoughtfulness in a package that included the first two issues of Craft: transforming traditional crafts (which just happens to be what I encouraged my mom to get me for my birthday: a subscription to the same. BUT--missing the premiere issue, so de-light-ed!). And THIS. I actually screamed out loud when I tore open the wrapping. All alone. And rather prolonged for something so spontaneous. I have been wanting this for all of my adult life. A copy of a tape of this album was (along with Power Tunes, Kenny Rogers, and the Beach Boys) one of the Frandsen Family Trip Tapes. It went missing a decade ago, and I've made a couple of searches for it. Abby noted in the enclosed note "Devn picked this out all by himself" and I'VE NO DOUBT! HE KNOWS HOW PERFECT IT IS!! Presenting:

Oh, sing it with me: "I want some brown bread and Boston baked beans and a bunch of bananas and some bits of blue cheese..." We have an awesome old video in our family library of our cool-young-Uncle Rick doing an inspired sneaky black market street-dealer rendition of "Oh, would you like to buy an O?....shh...right...". I've been backspacing for minutes now trying to think of a worthy praise.

Today is bliss. I love you, family!


Devo said...

Glad you liked it... You're the best Vali!

Camie said...

I am glad you liked mine too. At first when I saw the photo I was like did someone else give her the same thing??!! Becasue it looks pink in the pictures...but I am glad that it is just the freakin sweet one I made! I am glad you liked it...I was a little afraid that the calenders turned out retarded.... anyhoe along with that is a sweet frame and wedding pictures...I decided that since I was so close to coming I would just bring as to not worry too much about the breaking of glass and we can decided together which pixs are the best. Oh yeah--sculpy bead necklace--told ya they were cool! xxo~qam