Thursday, April 26, 2007

another detail

Another detail of great joy, another quilt made with love. My youngest daughter, Marian, had a series of procedures yesterday, minor surgeries and a series of GI scopes. She's medically complicated, so nothing especially new for us, but still an agonizing day. We are brave and cheerful and extol the virtues of the procedures so her attitude is great. Then our darling child is wheeled away on a guerney, just coming off a rather nasty Versed trip, and we have the luxury of panicked tears or hyper busy-ness, keep-it-away-from-my-heart-ness. Procedures went well, she came out of anesthesia great, and after a very long day (hospital of choice is best in the world, but 3 hours away), all fall asleep. Marian won't usually sleep with a blanket, but when I came upstairs to hook up her feeding tube for the night, she had tucked herself under this bright quilt-of-love the post-op nurses passed along. God bless kind and competent doctors, God bless nurses who notice, God bless ladies who piece quilts for the children's hospital (quilts for kids), God bless perfect wee souls who in turn bless our home.

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Donna said...

What a blessing this little girl is! I loved your comments. Amazing how you find so many blessings on a stress filled day. I love the picture of Marian under this beautiful, given with love quilt.