Thursday, December 16, 2010


Two completed handstitched honeys, for mailing off (new goal: tomorrow!):

One dragonflyModified from Wee Wonderfuls' Hand Sewing for Fun butterfly booklet.

I used both purchased 100% wool felt and recycled wool from my stash for this dragonfly, bound for the Frandsen cousin Reuben "drew" for holiday giving and his new dragonfly-themed room. The fabric in his wing insets is from Anna Maria Horner's little folks line, and although it was perfect for the dragonfly palette I imagined, I feared it was a bit feminine. So I embroidered a truck on his chest to make him look more manly. Moderately successful. But the baby he's destined for won't care :). Check out my inspiration photo, courtesy of my entomologist brother:One gray cashmere baby sealFrom the book Palm-Sized Softies. I really miss the sadly moth-bitten sweater that this seal was made from, but it's been well used. Remember this honey? Same sweater. Her owner sleeps with her every night nowadays. Triumph! She has a soft bamboo fleece muzzle and I filled her with polyfil so she would be washable. Good for one-year-olds.

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