Monday, December 13, 2010

panic time

Now is when I realize I've spend much more time PLANNING than DOING. Argghh! How to finish?? I thought I'd mail off my packages today, but yesterday we spent in the hospital (M woke up with 160 bpm heartrate. Awesome.)...and I can't blame that. Like I'd magically pack in 24 hours of work in that 8 hours that would have included church and lots of (appropriately!) mama time.

Working on stacks of slippers tonight. Soles: salvaged leather, recycled wool, new bamboo fleece:

I've only broken 2 needles on those babies! It's a lot to cram under my sewing machine foot, so the finished slippers aren't really up to my standard, so I have mixed feelings about sending them off. But they are very very warm :).


stgraham said...

Do you have a pattern for your slippers? Or are you just winging it? I haven't made anything this year. I feel such a craft withdrawl!

Cynthia said...

Yep. Same thing going on here. As I just spent an hour looking for free slipper patterns. Hmmm. Three days left to finish everything right?! Is Marian doing better?