Wednesday, December 8, 2010

peace wreaths

After seeing peace wreaths independently in the Pier 1 (Becci) and Garnet Hill (Valerie) catalogs, we decided we must make our own.

Hello, felted sweaters!

Piles of green squares are easily pushed straight on wire and formed into wreaths.

Hints & process shots:*I used 14 gauge galvanized steel for the larger wreaths, and both 28 & 22 gauge for the smaller ones, though 28 was too fine for the project; it neither "poked" well nor holds it shape as nicely. I used a needle to help the 28 before I found my 22 ;).

Bad photos (we crafted on a cold and dark day in Becci's studio):

So many fun gifting projects in the works. But now I'm very cold and must go to bed.


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Mindy said...

You are cool.