Sunday, December 19, 2010

coop in progress

One thing Marian has consistently wanted for Christmas this year is a chicken coop to go with her "Pioneer Store". She has stocked her Magic Cabin tree trunk fairy home with most of the Kathe Kruse pioneer dollhouse family and lots of tiny store goods (Casey's woods, ebay, my childhood collection, Re-Ment miniatures, her own polymer clay sculptures, and a rather excellent yard sale find or two--like the cash register and sewing basket!), many of which fit perfectly on 99c Michael's wee wooden cabinets. I think I would have died of joy to have owned this set up. Since we moved Reuben's (never once slept in) crib out of her room, she has space to keep it permanently set up.

The family has a beehive and assorted animals out back; the self-sustained sort, they badly need a little flock of fowl!I spent two hours last night weaving mini chicken wire. I got quite good at it at the end, but it wasn't worth redoing the whole thing...I was quite tickled with it when I cornered Nathan to show him all the coop bits this morning.

*Ostheimer wooden chickens (The Wooden Wagon)
*my needle-felted nests & chicks
*my porcelain eggs
*(a happy find last week) polymer clay eggs-in-hatching and chicks that Marian & I made when she was still home after her bone marrow transplant, a never-completed "teeny tiny farm" (have you read the book?) project.
*a wooden box from a church rummage sale that will soon be the coop & ramp. I want everything to collapse and fit inside. Still determining exactly how...

A few more images for your enjoyment:


Mindy said...

Mare is a lucky girl. Yes - I think you would have died to have those as a child.

Ems said...

you are a wonder woman!

urban craft said...

what amazing treasures! A chicken coop is something that I would have never thought of, now I am compelled to find a way to get one. You are a super super mom.