Thursday, August 6, 2009

this one's for you, Paul*

We have ants and I am battling them valiantly (except when I don't, at which point they show their strength and I strengthen my resolve), but even I haven't seen this:

It almost makes me proud of them.
They're trying to take over the world.

*my brother is an ant scientist


sallyavena said...

honey in a little container close enough to where they are coming in that they find it, but not close enough for them to want to keep coming in. eventually they stop coming because they kind of get stuck. you do have to change the honey if there gets to be too many ants in it that they can climb over the stuck ones.

stgraham said...

I think this is the year of ants! Everyone I talk to has ant issued this summer. Maybe because of there being so much rain. I am down to just a handful every day, that if I take action right away they stay away until the next day. But it is a daily battle. At least I don't have food walking out the door!

Christine said...

we're having issues with boxelder bugs... so I feel your pain.

has Paul shown you the picture of the "human" ant swarm?

Paul said...

Ants are fantastic. I like them. Christine and I are going to go hear the ant man himself (EO Wilson) speak on Saturday, I am quite thrilled. You're the best.

Paul said...

P.S. Encouraged by this post, I wrote a post about ants on my blog.