Sunday, August 30, 2009


I keep putting this off, thinking I'm just about to post more, but wanted to let our so kind and very lovely well-wishers and hard pray-ers know that Reuben was released on Thursday for good behavior and we are home and he is as cheery as can be. And rather naughty, so wiggly and wilde and trying to chew through his drainage tubes! I think he is already feeling so good that that dumb cancer is GONE (all of it!, shouts my heart of hope).

In a couple of days the pathology results will be back and that will be the cue for the sigh of relief or of pain.

In the meantime, life is good.
And school starts tomorrow!


sallyavena said...

I love the sling and such a happy smiley boy!

Kathi D said...

Oh, he looks so great! Those little feet, oh my!

stgraham said...

Yeah!! He is so cute. (love the shirt ;))

cfm said...

The sling is very darling and I love that smile! So wonderful to have the nasty cancer gone!