Monday, August 31, 2009


Something there is about motherhood that has brought out my inner carnivore and I think I know why some mothers eat their young--the temptation to at least LICK is so great!

I fell in love with cjanerun (now cjane enjoy it) when she talked about the same, only better because her writing is F-I-N-E-fine.

Today, the candy analogies of strangers. Read it.

I always want the toes.

*poor baby woke up sad this morning, so we're off to Philly, just bumping our scheduled Thursday visit to today instead. I'm hoping it's just that loose drain tube and he'll feel better soon. No path results back (I've already been on the phone this morning!).


Kathi D said...

For sure, I want to bite they wittle toes off. But I have also been known to take a bite out of a freshly-bathed fat little butt. For shame!

Is it wrong to ask strangers in, say, airports, if I can bite their baby's toes? Not that I have, um, done that or anything.

sgraham said...

I like the fleshy, chubby thighs myself. Toes are good too!!

nweames said...

I'm a neck mom. I love the way they giggle